Top UK Clothing Brands


Armani jeans are probably one of the most famous brand names for jeans the whole world over.  They’ve been around for nearly thirty years now, and we think they’ll be around to stay for another thirty as well.  With jackets and other items to pair them up with, you can’t go wrong.


Who hasn’t heard of a Barbour jacket?  Barbour specialises in making jackets for both men and women, and they are designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions as well.  They are probably most famous for their wax jackets, which age beautifully and provide weatherproofing and style all in one go.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein underwear is famous and renowned for being among the best branded underwear you can buy.  It’s ideal for a gift for that special someone, and you can also buy pyjamas and various other items from this brand name.


Most people have heard of Sloggi.  They produce briefs and underwear for both men and women, and they are of excellent quality as well.  They might be more expensive than the average underwear, but they provide better comfort and better quality for the price.


Adidas clothing is firmly in the stylish sports category.  You can wear it for serious sports but you can also enjoy wearing it for leisure purposes.  Comfortable and easy going, Adidas clothing is ideal for everyone – men, women and children.

This is just a taster of the many different brands that are out there today.  No matter what item of clothing you want to buy, you will see lots of brands offering you their version to consider.

Some mens clothing brands and womens clothing brands are more expensive than others, and certainly they do tend to be pricier than generic clothing items.  With that said though, they are usually of better quality and last longer than generic clothing. 

Some people have their favourite brands they stick to all the time, no matter what they happen to be buying.  These are usually discovered through trial and error; if you buy something from a certain brand name and you like it, you will be more likely to go back to them in the future.

UK shops are packed with all kinds of brand names to consider when clothes shopping.  Department stores will have lots of different brands all under the same roof, while other stores are dedicated to one brand or type of clothing only.

Which brand do you love the most?